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U Girls

When the 1 + 1 = U program initially began, the primary focus leaned towards young men. However, activities that several teachers at Central High School saw taking place among young females brought our attention to the growing needs of our female population. Central High has more girls than guys, and from the mouths of these pretty young girls came some undesirable words, which coincided with undesirable activities they participated in. It was from this revelation that we decided that young females needed to be taught etiquette.

The Issues

Two girls approached our program leader and reluctantly admitted they were pregnant. Margaret Demaree assured them it would be okay and explained that these were the types of issues that 1 + 1 = U addresses with our U Girls. It occurred to us that these girls’ hesitation to admit their trouble already revealed somewhat of a connection to the program.

The Ceremony

Each year, U Girls and U Guys will participate in a ceremony that inducts them into the 1 + 1 = U program. This is particularly of interest and importance to the girls, who will receive U Girl Bracelets during this induction. The girls will get bracelets only after they have reached their goals. Thus, bracelets will be distributed during the ceremony at the end of the program instead of at the beginning of the program.

The Charm Bracelet

Because Margaret loves jewelry, she wanted something that the 1 + 1 = U students would wear to symbolize their connection to something greater than 1 person. Also, this symbol would allow teachers to know a certain child was involved in a mentoring program, and if a particular student was having trouble, they would be able to contact 1 + 1 = U to let someone know. The bracelet is made of different charms with very specific meanings. Margaret could relate to each charm on a personal level and she knew the girls would be able to relate as well. Eventually, our goal is to mass produce the bracelet to help raise more money for 1 + 1 = U but for now, it will be a ceremonial part of the 1 + 1 = U program.