Alexis Jeffries

I am now 18 years old. I attend Central High School and am also in the Papa Johns Magnet program. For about the last 17 years of my life, I have had only one arm. Most people think that would hold me back, but that’s not my trouble at all. The trials and tribulations that came with my life are some of the things that put me down. And there were no other options for me, but I know by me having a big brain, a big heart and big dreams, I am going somewhere in my life. And now that I understand more things, I found there is one face that could change anything. There has been a place and a person to help me with these struggles and this ride of my life and they are 1+1=U and Ms. Margaret Demaree. 1+1 put me in a place full of people like me and it made me want to open up and put my heart out. This program has taught me so much about others and myself. 1+1 is like a family, friend and home. I love knowing there is a person other than my mother who is there for me like Ms. Demaree is. I wish for the best out of life and so does everyone else in 1+1. I love and thank Ms. Demaree and 1+1=U for the support.