Jazmine Hudson

The 1+1=U organization is a perfect program for us teenagers. It provides an opportunity to discuss our issues in private and address them through using proper techniques. My experience with 1+1 has gone exceptionally well. I had a chance to meet my idol, Jada Collins, which helped me to become more connected with God. 1+1 has encouraged me to build my relationship with Him, and to have a better bond in order to improve myself. During my meeting with Jada Collins through 1+1, I was introduced to my passion and my love for the runway. It helped me to boost my career towards becoming a model. This program has been a tremendous help. When I have issues regardless of the situation, I know this program is there for me. Many people think 1+1 is only for athletes, but in fact, it is for all teenagers, all shapes, all sizes and all colors. The organization has been a major contributor in turning me into who I am today. I know it will continue creating me into what I want to be in the near future.