Tiffani Sparks

I’m Tiffani Sparks. I have been in U Girls for about three years now and I’m loving it! It has helped me so much through a lot like the problems at home, school and with me. My attitude has changed since being in this program. I used to have a really bad attitude that was out of control, but since I have been in U Girls, each year gets better and better. There have been times when I would have lost my temper on people but I stopped and thought back to what Ms. Demaree and 1+1 say. “If people are talking about you, that means you are doing something right.” That statement has helped me to forgive my mom and dad for things they have done, which I thought I would never forgive them for. Now I can forgive and it makes me feel so much better. The U Girls program helps me to realize that there are people who love me and God is always there no matter what I’m going through. I have been a Christian for a year now and I’m so much better. I live for God now and not myself.