Tim Patterson

1+1=U has done a great deal of things for me over my four years in high school. But a few things that are most important to me would have to be having someone to talk to when I have problems in my life. But other than that, I am one of the state’s top prospects and recently signed with the University of Kentucky but I am having trouble in school. What’s good for me is that 1+1 is helping me to better understand my school work and my grades are improving. Over the summer, I had to take a couple of make-up courses. 1+1=U setup a time for me to come to the school and sit down with a tutor so that I could get back on the right track. With their help over the summer, I am now back on the right track and will be joining the University of Kentucky in the upcoming Fall, thanks to all of the things that 1+1 has done for me. Thank you so much for being in my life and helping me through all of the tough times in my life. I love this program.