Our Programs


The 1+1=U program assists young men and women with self development and self actualization.

Our young women, who we call U Girls and our young men, who we call U Guys, participate in activities geared towards boosting academic and personal achievement. Each student participating in the 1 + 1 = U program must develop a list of personal goals and work hard to achieve each of them.

The Goals

Each student entering the program has a set of personal goals he or she strives to achieve. Mentors work closely with each student to ensure he or she is working towards their personal goals. Upon completion, students are rewarded for setting and achieving goals. U Guys receive a 1+1=U Medallion and U Girls receive a 1+1=U Charm Bracelet. A student who has completed the 1+1=U program will have achieved the following:

  • Student has successfully increased verbal and written communication skills

  • Student has successfully increased ACT or SAT test scores in preparation for college

  • Student has enrolled in a military academy, reform school or college

  • Students with learning disabilities are successfully identified and guided towards success

    • Parents of home-schooled students are well-prepared to make educated decisions regarding their children's future

    • Students who leave our program are equipped to make a positive difference in the world, using the principles taught through the 1+1=U program