Young Champions is a subsidiary of One Plus One Equals U, Inc., a 501 (3) organization, created to combat the high school and college dropout rates of athletes who have fallen behind academically in school. As one parent described it, it is “the only program of its kind on a local level” that gives youth a second chance to “pass” in life. Our goal is to keep student athletes off the streets and in school where they can further their education academically and athletically.  

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Young Champions will become a national model of success, used by other cities as a tool for getting youth off the streets and back into the classroom, on the field, on the court, on the baseball diamond and on track to a successful life. 


Young Champions strives to get and keep student athletes off the streets, in school and in academic good-standing, while mentoring and preparing them for scholarly success through college and beyond.


Together We P.A.S.S.
(Prepare Athletes for Scholarly Success)



Young Champions specializes in helping two groups of students:


Young Champions 

Targets high school graduates who have been out of school for no more than 2 years and helps by getting them off the streets and into top junior colleges. 

The goal here is to get student athletes in underserved communities off the streets and back into educational institutions, playing sports while gaining an education. 

Young Champions Pass

True champions don’t give up. They rise up. And we help them to catch up academically.

Targets high school students:

  • who have been placed on academic probation and therefore removed from their high school sports teams

  • whose low high school GPA scores prevent them from receiving college scholarship offers

  • who cannot attend college because his/her GPA is below 2.5 and his / her ACT test score falls below 18 points

Through our program, students can play sports if they also agree to academic tutoring, mentoring and monitoring by our Young Champions support staff. Our youth focus on self-image, self-worth, feelings, boundaries to help them achieve a positive outlook on life.  

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Our Team

The Young Champions team is comprised of the following:

  • Tutors who assist with helping students to raise their GPA’s and test scores 

  • Mentors who instill values of perseverance, resilience, initiative, discipline and empathy

  • Professional athletes who train and condition students who are on academic probation

  • Sports teams that compete with other independent sports teams across the city

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How do the Young Champions PASS?

  • Upon meeting a young champion, our team sits with them to assess their current situation, road blocks, aspirations and overall potential. Our panel will make sure, first and foremost, that the student wants a second chance and is willing to put in the work that it takes to succeed. 

  • A plan of action is then developed, geared towards this individual champion and he / her needs

  • The young champion is connected with tutors who provide hands-on assistance.  Our tutors include National Honor Society students as well as volunteers with a strong academic background 

  • Each young champion is assigned a mentor (either their coach or a volunteer mentor)

  • Each young champion is required to submit weekly progress reports to their high school counselors and parents

  • Parents are expected to actively participate in the student’s success during and after they leave our program

  • The Young Champions program will check in at home with both student and parent to ensure everyone is up to speed on student progress

  • Each young champion will compete in teams against other athletes.  It is important that students maintain their physical conditioning, so they are prepared when returning to high school or entering college sports. 

  • Once a young champion is eligible to rejoin his / her high school sports team, our program monitors the student’s progress throughout high school and college, ensuring continued success in and out of the classroom

Why We Exist

Young Champions exists to combat students who decide to give up.  Here are some hard-statistical facts:

  • Black students are expelled 3X more frequently than white students, despite making up about 16 percent of all enrolled children. Black students also account for 31 percent of all in-school arrests.

  • A 2002 student found white students were more likely to be disciplined for provable offenses (e.g. smoking, vandalism and obscene language) while black students were more likely to be disciplined for disrespect. 

  • Black students are 31 percent more likely to receive a discretionary suspension (e.g. insubordination).  “Willful defiance” accounted for 40 percent of all suspensions in the 2010-2011 school year in the state of California. 

  • In New York City, during the 2006-200 school year, 51 percent of students suspended for profanity were black, and 57 percent were suspended for insubordination.

  • Several studies show strong correlation between out of school suspensions, expulsions and student dropout rates.

  • 85 percent of juveniles who come into contact with the juvenile court system are functionally illiterate; so are 60 percent of all prison inmates.

We turn bad statistics into young champions!