1+1=U, Inc. strives to provide the best opportunities for our student participants. Many of these efforts are made possible through generous donations from individuals and companies in our community. Through donations, we are able to achieve several outcomes which include:

  • Funding travel, food, cultural experiences outside of participants’ environments, retreats and other educational activities

  • Participants taking the ACT (American College Testing) Exam and any appropriate tutoring

  • College scholarships for participants to use towards tuition, text books, food, supplies, etc.


  • U Club Super ($50,000 +)

  • U Club Plus Sponsorship ($5,000 – $50,000)

  • U Club Sponsorships ($25 – $5,000)

We thank you in advance for your donation which supports our purpose of giving youth a chance.




By Mail

1 Plus 1 Equals U
P.O.Box 22561
Louisville, KY 40252